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Director of Lead Generation

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Director of Lead Generation
September 14, 2018 admin

Director of Lead Generation Role

There could not be a better time to join the Anderson Real Estate Group family. We’ve already got the ball rolling downhill and momentum increases daily. As Director of Inside Sales and Lead Generation, you will inherit a large book of leads, increasing daily, and a growing agent community of smart, gifted agents ready to continue the selling process. We are an 8-year company with zero debt consistently achieving national rankings and local best of awards. Join us in the middle of our nationwide scale and reap the benefits of uncapped earning potential.

Will you work hard? Absolutely. We don’t sugarcoat anything. Our team is making huge sacrifices and working many long nights. All of our team members have an insane work ethic. Do NOT apply for this job if you want to clock-out every day at 5:00 PM. However, if you want to be involved in something truly great, we are creating a revolution, blowing-up an industry, and building a rock-solid elite executive team along the way.


  • Competitive base salary.
  • Bonuses made from closed sales as well as from building and guiding your Inside Sales Associate team to greater success. The bulk of your compensation will be in bonus and the sky is the limit!!!
  • Large territory/region with unlimited potential. We have already achieved significant market share in our main location and are developing exposure in surrounding locations. We plan to expand throughout Southern California and then move nationwide.
  • Paid travel. This is primarily an Inside Sales position, with 5-15% travel as needed.
  • Administrative support staff.
  • Quarterly team overnight events and outings.
  • Premium Health Insurance Coverage inclusive of medical, dental, and vision plans options.
  • 401K with a match.
  • Paid vacation and holidays.

Please apply by uploading your resume to start the conversation.

  • Make sales calls to handle leads and covert to sales appointments. Be a PHONE ANIMAL!
  • Hire, train and supervise a new Inside Sales Team/Call Center to handle incoming calls and leads. We are generating thousands of leads each month organically—more than our current sales staff can handle.
  • Supervise, improve and optimize our current lead generation and sales funnel processes. Utilize our current CRM and/or other best-practice software tools to maximize the efficiency of our systems (read: improve close percentage and dollar value per lead).
  • Create and regularly update a short-term and long-term Sales Plan for the Inside Sales Team. Regularly present your goals, forecasts, and outcomes to the executive team.
  • Contribute meaningful ideas, lessons learned, and new opportunities in sales and strategic planning meetings with company executives. This is your opportunity to demonstrate executive-level leadership and earn rapid promotion.




  • Minimum of four (4) years of experience in a high-volume sales capacity in Real Estate calling positions. Generalized marketing, advertising, lending, or PR work does not qualify.
  • Minimum of one (2) year of DOCUMENTED experience in a senior sales leadership position. Leadership of an inside sales or call center team is strongly preferred in REAL ESTATE. The successful candidate will most likely have 4-6 years of sales leadership experience, but we will give full consideration to rising stars who have demonstrated unusual talent and a rapid upward trajectory.
  • Proven Top-Tier Sales Performance: If you were unable to significantly outperform the average salesperson at your previous or current job you will NOT receive consideration. You must DOCUMENT that you have consistently performed in the top 10-15%.
  • Current active California Real Estate Salesperson or Broker’s license in good standing
  • Superb sales presentation skills.
  • Superb oral and written communications abilities; in particular, the ability to draft sophisticated and professional sales emails, marketing pieces, and related correspondence.
  • Unparalleled Personal Drive. This is not merely motivation or ambition. This is the kind of fire that makes top athletes do what nobody else does. It wakes you up in the morning and consumes you throughout the day. Your internal personal commitment to excellence makes it impossible for you to accept mediocrity.


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in business or a related field.
  • Prior track record of working in sales or marketing for a late-stage, post-revenue start-up is a tremendous plus.
  • Prior sales experience in Real Estate as well as leading Call Centers.
  • Those with military or competitive sports experience are often a good fit for our culture.
$150,000 plus depending upon sales success

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