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Hurricane Relief Efforts

Community Comes Together to Raise Funds

Hurricane relief efforts successful with help from community!
October 6, 2017 admin

Anderson Group Community Foundation: Hurricane Relief Efforts 2017

On Thursday, August 17th a chain reaction of catastrophic hurricanes pounded the US and Carribean islands. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria devastated the lives of thousands of families, destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes, and it’s estimated that collectively these disasters will likely end up causing over 370 billion dollars in damage.

As we saw this devastation unfold, we decided it was time to rally the community and do what we could to gather funds and supplies for the families affected. We introduced our registered 501(c)(3) organization, the Anderson Group Community Foundation to work as a vessel to collect and distribute funds. We started by reaching out to our friends, family, neighbors to help us reach our goal of 10K dollars; which between our foundation and partners we pledged to match the funds raised in our drive.


From the bottom of our hearts, we’d like to thank you for your donations and support.

Total Amount of Money Raised by the Anderson Group Community Foundation

On The Ground

Following Hurricane Harvey, our CEO, President, and Director of Expansion decided to catch a flight out to Austin and team up with the Keller Williams Cares team to volunteer their help with the immediate cleanup and distribution of supplies.

Working with our KW community partners and disaster relief organizations like the Austin Disaster Relief Network, Central Texas Food Bank, and Salvation Army, the Anderson Real Estate Group agents were bused in to volunteer sites during the day and return to Austin for events that raise awareness and funds.

Family KW Anderson Real Estate Group

Distributing Funds

While on the ground we came across a family that lost everything and didn’t have a chance of recovering from this disaster without help. We spent days ripping out soaked walls and debris from their home. We decided that we wanted our foundation to help this family get back on their feet, and we knew with our connections through the industry we could maximize the funds contributed. We are currently working with our fellow KW teammates in Texas to help us coordinate repairs and rebuilding through contractors.

4,000 collective volunteers contributed 60,000 volunteer hours

Homes cleaned and cleared of debris

Over 10K pounds of food distributed

Clean up kits assembled

We’d like to thank our partners who helped contribute our seed money to inspire community matching funds.

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