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Selling Your Piece of History
June 21, 2018 admin

Selling Your Piece of History

Suppose you have decided to sell your home, but you recently discovered that you live in a historic district. What is a historic district and how does this “title” affect you and your home? You may find that your beautiful home offers a lot more than striking woodwork and built-in bookcases.

Anderson Group Historic Santa Ana Homes For Sale

2120 N Ross Street, Floral Park, Santa Ana (Listing Agent: Kevin Shuler)

A historic district, simply put, is an area that is considered of special importance because of historic and/or architectural reasons. Historic districts are usually “appointed” by the city or county government at the request of the local residents. Owning a home in a historic district can be seen as owning a part of that area’s history.

One of the main reasons that residents of an area will push for historic classification is to keep things as they are. Especially for areas with rich architectural history, the “historic district” appointment prevents homeowners from making major changes to the properties within that zone. There can be restrictions for what a homeowner can do to the exterior of the property; however, the beauty and status of these homes usually outweighs any limits.

Historic Home For Sale Keller Williams Kevin Shuler

2120 N Ross Street, Floral Park, Santa Ana (Listing Agent: Kevin Shuler)

If you are planning to sell a home in the historic district, one of your top priorities should be to bone up on your home’s history. Why is your neighborhood marked as a historic district? What information about the area can you find? If your home has any architectural significance, research what you can about when the house was built, who designed it, and any other interesting facts related to the area.

2120 N Ross Street, Floral Park, Santa Ana (Listing Agent: Kevin Shuler)

Selling a home in a historic district can present some challenges, but the key is finding those buyers who can appreciate the richness of the home and the neighborhood. Hiring a real estate professional that has extensive experience selling historic homes and presence in the neighborhood is ideal.

Disclaimer: Please verify all information with appropriate professionals prior to making any decisions to buy or sell real estate in California, or any other state. The author of this article disclaims liability for any damages or losses, direct or indirect, that may result from the use of or reliance on information contained in this article.

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