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40-Unit Condominium Complex Downtown Long Beach

Wins Unanimous Approval

40-Unit Condominium Complex Downtown Long Beach Wins Unanimous Approval
April 17, 2017 admin

A developer proposing a 40-unit condominium complex downtown Long Beach won unanimous approval from the Planning Commission late Thursday to combine three lots now used for parking into one tract, and to eliminate a public alley bisecting the property.

A result of that will be the congested area will lose about 86 parking spaces, an issue that drew some concern from the community. Anne Profit of Long Beach said the city should move forward with deliberation and care.

“We have 86 spaces that are going to be displaced and that includes five for handicap. Those aren’t regularly used but I can tell you that every single space is occupied because I have to hunt for a space for my car,” she said.

40 Unit Condo Approved Downtown Long Beach

Commissioner Jane Templin encouraged the city to find or implement buses or shuttles as an alternative for parking spaces, because not all residents use bicycles.

City Ventures, an eco-friendly real estate company based out of Irvine, won approval to proceed with its development at 227 Elm Ave., situated between Broadway and Third Street.

The three-story townhouses will include one-car garages and 10 exterior parking spaces. Eric Everhart, the vice president of City Ventures, said the complex will be solar efficient with solar panels. The exterior will be decorated with plants such as shrubs and succulents to limit the amount of water used.

Everhart said the townhouses would specifically cater to millennials with its modern decor and location.

“The opportunity presents itself for people to live, work and shop in the area,” he said. “It’s about creating a community with people.”

He also said there would be a focus in hiring local craftsmen before anyone else is considered.

As part of the development, an alley on Maple Way will be eliminated to combine the complex into one tract. A pedestrian pathway through the complex, however, will be made available to the public between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m., even though it is on private property, city officials said.

40 Unit Condo Approved Downtown Long Beach


A Paramount-based industrial facility, Weber Metals, also won unanimous approval Thursday from the Planning Commission to expand its space in North Long Beach by 115,000-square-feet.

Weber Metals, which was established in 1962 to create structural components for airplanes such as landing gears and edge frames, will soon begin construction of a 65-foot-tall building at 6976 Cherry Ave. with a 60,000-ton forging press and furnace near the city’s border with Paramount. The area will also include an 85-foot excavation pit needed to separate ground-level activities from extremely hot furnace temperatures that can reach up to 1,700 degrees, according to planning documents.


Doug McIntyre and Justin Owens, Weber Metals representatives, said the company continuously strives to utilize energy efficient equipment, but it would be difficult to estimate how much energy is used considering its use fluctuates each time.

The facility’s new addition of an excavation pit would also help control the noise level of the forging press, company officials said.

Owens said the added features will help increase the company’s employment growth by 59 employees and will also help increase tax revenue within the city – an aspect of the plan Commissioner Andy Perez supported.

The company now occupies about 20 acres of land zoned for industrial uses in Paramount and Long Beach and employs about 470 workers. The company expects that number will increase to 529 in 2016 when work is complete.


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